A winning start in integration

Volunteers can help you learn Dutch in an inspiring way:

Walking encyclopaedia: are you a fan of the outdoors and do you know your town or city well? Then you will probably enjoy helping our students find their way around!

EHBH (homework made easy): you can make an enormous contribution by helping our students with their homework.

Excursions: do you have a car and would you like to organise a trip to some interesting spot in the Netherlands?

Prêt-à-porter: What will I wear today? What is ‘shirt’ in Dutch? Help others to broaden their vocabulary!

Bookworms: books, newspapers, magazines – ideal for practising both reading and writing! Photos are an ideal starting point for learning new words in Dutch.

Film buffs: Watch YouTube clips or TV programmes together and find out what students understand and what not? Always an excellent and practical way of learning a new language.

Conversational help: Would you like to bring out the actor or actress in yourself? It can be great fun acting out real-life situations and learning new words. These words will more than likely show up in the exams and so you can help improve a candidate’s chances of success.

Café NL: Volunteers meet every Tuesday,  between 5 and 7pm and every Saturday, between 2 and 4pm , in the Leeszaal in Rotterdam West to help others practice their Dutch. This can be a great opportunity to meet new people and help them learn the language.

Address: Rijnhoutplein 3, 3014 TZ Rotterdam

Do you have any other useful ideas? Send NELI an e-mail: taal.neli@gmail.com

Our Volunteers

NELI is working with volunteers that are willing to educate the daily Dutch language, so that new comers can improve their Dutch in a suitable social environment. Participating in society is synonymous to integrating. The focus relies on studying, working, blending into society and raising your children.
Would you like to participate in our integration projects? You are priceless when you help someone else in the integration route. Take a look at our activities and apply!

Sign up Volunteers!

Yes, it is possible to bring happiness to yourself and others surrounding you. How? By helping newcomers integrate into the Dutch society.

NELI could use your help when it comes down to all sorts of activities, which we organize and offer to participants. Interested? let’s get to know one another!