You are working in the Netherlands but do not speak the language. Would you like to learn it in a fair price? Come to NELI for an affordable language training.
You can receive
2 lessons a week for 6 months. The lessons can take place during the afternoon or in the evenings. You can sit in a class of beginners or advanced learners, according to your level.
Classes with 14, 10 or 5 students has a different price. Schedule a meeting for more information.


You are living in the Netherlands with your family and your children are learning Dutch at school. Would you like to learn the language as well? At NELI you can learn Dutch for a fair price. The school is located in Schiedam. You take 2 lessons a week for 6 months. Our professional teachers will give you a warm welcome! They would be happy to teach you how to read, write, listen and speak. We have groups for beginners and for advanced learners.
Feel free to come along and meet us!


You speak basic Dutch but would like to improve your knowledge of the language. You would be happy to learn more, for a fair price. At NELI you find an affordable training in order to invest in your future.

The better you know the language, the bigger chance you find a job in the Netherlands! Professional teachers are ready to help you improve your Dutch skills.

Come for a meeting at NELI for more information.

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